Dan and Mary Ann Beberman
Lucky Diamond Ranch
Port Orchard, Washington  98367
(360) 621-5578

Welcome to our website.   Although we've sold our ranch and found wonderful homes for our precious horses, we are still strongly connected to the horse community and, in particular, to the Tennessee Walking Horse family.  We've always believed that wherever you are with your horse - in the show ring, out on the beach, up in the mountains or just hanging out in the barn, your horse should be a safe, willing and respectful companion who enjoys your time together as much as you do.  Our mission has  been  to promote happy, harmonious and long-lived relationships between horses and their owner/riders.   Even though we are no longer training or shoeing, we love to share our passion and experiences, and can never pass up a good story!  Got a question or concern?  We are glad to do whatever we can do to help other people and their horses.   Feel free to give us a call or send us an email!