Our Miniature Horses

People ask us why we have these little pets.  Despite their small size, they have big horse attitudes and are just so darned fun to watch!  Our horses have been to schools, nursing homes and fairs, and people who may be intimidated by larger equine versions enjoy them immensely.




Lucky Diamond Titan, registered with the American Miniature Horse Registry, was our senior stallion until the fall of 2008.  He has sired several nice foals:  his first daughter is Betsy, the spittin' image of her father, shown at the top left.  Titan is quite the showman - he loved to strut his stuff in the show ring, but he is gentle and quiet around kids and during his visits to nursing homes and schools.  He has passed on his feisty yet sweet temperament to all of his babies.  He is now a gelding, but his surgery did not change his attitude towards life at all!




Lucky Diamond Heavens to Betsy was foaled here on the farm in 2002, the daughter of Bay Breeze and Titan.  Dan was the first to discover the newborn filly and it was a sight he'll hold dear forever.  There's nothing like a mini baby - especially when they're curled up asleep in your lap!  Betsy has a fondness for people in wheelchairs - at 28 days of age, she visited a class of disabled students at one of the  local elementary schools.  She walked up to a young autistic boy in a wheelchair, and laid her head in his lap.  The boy's face lit up in smiles when his hand was set down on Betsy's fuzzy little mane.  The interaction between the boy and the filly brought tears to everyone's eyes.  A few years later, Betsy was invited back to the school - this time, she went up to a lady in a wheelchair, bringing more smiles and tears.