Our Other Ranch Critters:

We can't forget our other Ranch Friends!  Lucky Diamond Dakota (Koti) was our matron black Labrador.  She was born in 1995 from a long line of Champions, and  produced several litters of exceptional puppies.  Koti literally grew up on the trail - she accompanied us on most of our trail rides and camping trips.  She nearly reached her 15th birthday before being laid to rest on the farm.  Her spirit was willing, but her body was tired.   



French Kahlua N Creme may be small, but she's got attitude!  We adopted her from a military family and are so glad to have her in our lives.  She goes to work with Mary Ann everyday, and is the life of the party wherever she goes.  She is the perfect Pomeranian princess!  We'd like to thank Kahlua's  former family for the sacrifices they are making for our country.




Rachel, a black domestic shorthair, was adopted from the Hooterville Cat Rescue as a kitten.  Her former "family" lived in a car, and her feline mother tried to drown her in a water bowl!  Strangely enough, Rachel loves to hang out around the sink and drinks water out of the running faucet.  Don't leave her out in the rain, however - she turns into a "gremlin" and you won't hear the end of all the complaining!



Charlie came to us as a tiny, tiny, grey tabby kitten.  Mary Ann fed her from a bottle for awhile, until she was old enough to eat on her own.  She grew into a little "feline terrorist" - she's the wild one, although she also loves being stuffed into your coat or wadded up under the blankets in bed.  Charlie and Rachel are responsible for the varying wildlife we find in our bathroom - Charlie goes for snakes and lizards - yikes! while Rachel prefers large grasshoppers, moths and dragonfiles!



Rest In Peace, Purrsia, our Ragdoll who passed away in December of 2005.  She died in her sleep one afternoon, in front of the woodstove and surrounded by her feline friends.  She was a special cat.